Age Grants

National Apprenticeship Service AGE Grant

The National Apprenticeship Service has made 40,000 spaces available for employers to access up to £1500 when taking on a new Apprentice.

Businesses with up to 50 employees maybe eligible for this incentive if they recruit somebody from the age of 16-24 as an Apprentice. The  National Apprenticeship Service stipulates that the employer incentive will be paid in 1 instalment – £1500 after 13 weeks of the Apprenticeship start date. However in reality, it will be paid after 20 weeks after we have applied for the grant, received it and paid the employer.

If the employer is eligible for this grant, they can sign up to taking on 5 Apprentices in the year term. The incentive can be used for increasing hours of part time staff (16 hours or below) up to full time staff (35 hours or more).

Eligibility criteria states that:

The Employer would not be in a position to employ this new Apprentice without the AGE 16-24 payment.

The Employer will employ the Apprentice/s for at least the time it takes to complete their Apprenticeship programme, or a minimum of 12 months, whichever is greater.

The employer will pay the Apprentice at least the minimum wage for a 16-24 year old Apprentice of £3.30 per hour, including time for off the job training.

The employer has not employed an Apprentice within the past 12 months

The employer has less than 50 employees in the UK

A commitment that the employer will employ the Apprentice for a minimum of 12 months