Harassment and Bullying

Policy Statement

Focus Training (SW) Ltd. wishes to provide a stimulating and supportive training environment which will enable its learners to fulfil their personal potential and creativity. The Company accepts that such an environment cannot be created or sustained if Learners are subject to harassment, intimidation, aggression or coercion.

The Company is fully committed to the principles of equal opportunities and regards personal harassment as a discriminatory and unacceptable form of behaviour.

Accordingly, the Company will treat any incident of harassment as a serious matter which may lead to disciplinary action according to the terms of the Disciplinary Policy, up to and including dismissal or termination of training, being taken against the perpetrator.

All members of the Company’s staff are responsible for ensuring that personal harassment of a Learner does not occur.

Jamie Rail (Managing Director) will be available to offer, in confidence, advice, information and support as required.

Harassment of the Learners outside the Company premises or outside training hours may nevertheless fall within the remit of this policy and its procedures.

In addition to any penalty imposed by the Company, those responsible for harassing others may be subject to criminal and/or civil proceedings. Nothing in this policy and its procedures will prevent learners from exercising their legal rights.

Policy Definition

Harassment is unwanted conduct which violates a person’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. It may be on the grounds of sex, marital status, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, age or gender reassignment. For the purposes of this Policy this list should be considered non-exhaustive, and harassment or bullying on any grounds will not be tolerated by the Company.