ICQ Focus Training is now using the new version of e-portfolio which is called ICQ. Since April 1st 2012, Focus Training Apprentices have been assigned to this system where the new SASE (Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England) Frameworks and PLTS (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills) was introduced. This system, provided by I Can Qualify which allows the learners to work remotely and contact their Training Consultant, submitting work inbetween visits speeding up the time of their Apprenticeship. This system makes life for the Training Consultant easier. The days of trudging around with big folders full of paper are gone a ndthis paper free system allows Focus Training to be sustainable aswell as time efficient.

Moodle is a virtual learning environment which contains numerous learning resources for use by our learners. Focus uses this site to enable learners and Training Consultants to share resources online.

Training Provider College

This Training Provider College is a Network Hub Virtual Learning Environment which serves as a central resource for members of the Devon and Cornwall Training Provider Network.

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